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Bookkeeper by day, artist during the spare hours of free time. I am passionate about so many things. Right now, I really enjoy doing floral designed etchings, and I am also inspired by traditional tattoo work. Hailing from Montana, I am constantly amazed by the environment around me. I attempt to portray the beauty I see through my work.

Neon, though, is an all new field for me. I wanted to try neon after being enthralled with She Bends, a female led neon collective that centers cis, trans and non-binary women from around the world. I have bent a bit, and after getting my block letters down, I then realized neon was something I was extremely passionate about. Follow my exploration for the day when hopefully I can combine earth and air elements, from the ceramic world to the noble gases, I want to create art that connects all elemental aspects.

All of my sales go towards my neon education. I appreciate all of the opportunities I have already received. 

  • 2015 Montana State University
  • 2015- 2018 Emerson Cultural Center
  • 2018- 2021 Private Studio, Inner Alchemy
Glass Etching
  • Private studio 
  • Lights in the Night Neon, Ben Kenealey